About Me

Hello – thank you for coming to visit!

My name is Sally and I create the glass beads and the fused glass pieces you’ll see here on my website.  Since childhood, I’ve always loved ‘crafty’ things and have a wide variety of books and materials that bear testament to my various enthusiasms (which, with hindsight, never seemed to last longer that it took to buy all the kit).  But lampwork is different – I’m captivated by the colours, the chemistry, the movement of the glass in the flame, everything.  Although my obsession (and yes, it is an obsession) with glass began relatively recently, I’m delighted to say I’ve finally found my medium of choice.


Where did it all begin?  Well, having mended a ‘fashion’ necklace for the third time, I decided that I could do better myself and signed up for a couple of basic jewellery making classes.  Shortly after that, I found out it was possible to make your own beads, went for a taster day and was immediately hooked – the rest is history …


And then I found out that I could also fuse glass in my little bead kiln – a whole new exciting technique opened up and it wasn’t long before I invested in a much bigger kiln for fusing.  Oh, and more glass too, of course …



I’m lucky enough to live in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, almost right on the Surrey/Hampshire border, and my workshop is at the end of the garden.  While I’d love to be working with glass all the time, I also work from home as a freelance indexer (someone who writes the indexes at the back of non-fiction books – no, you’re not alone if you didn’t realise that indexes are written by a real person!  Just in case your curiosity has been piqued, here’s my indexing website and a link to the Society of Indexers.)

The Workshop


The observant among you will notice the cat flap in the workshop door – this is for the convenience of the Green Lane Glass Cats (Cally and Harry) who are often to be found sunning themselves on the step or prowling around the garden.